Portrait / Couverture du livre de Nita Wiggins – Civil Rights Baby ;  photographie : Marie Julliard.

Livre : « Civil Rights Baby » de Nita Wiggins
Date de parution : 30 avril 2019

« Civil rights baby ; my story of race, sports, and breaking barriers in american journalism. In this intriguing true story about abuses inside American television, Nita Wiggins details what happens off camera.
Nita began life with a belief in equal opportunity. She hoped to report on the Dallas Cowboys in a way no journalist had done before. Along the way, Nita interviewed social activist Rosa Parks, U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and sports figures Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Jackie Joyn-er-Kersee.
In Civil Rights Baby, Wiggins lays bare the misdeeds of the people who run TV newsrooms. As the firings of broadcasting executives in 2017 and 2018 illustrate, American newsrooms have been private chambers of hell for many female broadcast-ers-including Nita-and, like Nita, the women are fighting back. She also explores how the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which passed 56 days after her birth, succeeds and fails in her American life.
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